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The Environmental Resource Forum was set up by environmental representatives within the North West, the original aim was to help the future provision of waste management in the Furness area which had an over-reliance on landfill disposal.

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News & Events

The Environmental Resource Forum meet every two months. You are very welcome to join us for a meeting and see what we do to help the environment, in this section you can also find news of our charitable work carried out both in the UK and worldwide.

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Our Members

Get in touch to become a member. We welcome all sizes of businesses and look forward to exchanging and discussing ideas and thoughts on how the forum can thrive and become an important point of focus for all things environmental and waste issues.

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Call us on 07759 638903 or alternatively email us for further assistance and information about the Environmental Resource Forum and what steps are being taken to help the future provision of waste management.

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environmental resource forum

What is the Environmental Resource Forum?

The purpose of the Environmental Resource Forum is to promote sustainable waste management throughout South Cumbria and other local regions. The Environmental Resource Forum began in 1991; originally it was set up by environmental representatives of a wide range of organisations within North West England. The original aim was to help the future provision of waste management as the Furness area, as an isolated peninsula, had an over-reliance on virtually full traditional landfill disposal.

The Environmental Resource Forum (ERF) formed in response to the environmental pressures upon Furness and the impacts of industry, with a view to encouraging new solutions and sharing best practice. It has now evolved to form a valuable networking opportunity for businesses within the area. Sharing a common goal for a sustainable future, we aim to help each other in the efficient and environmentally responsible management of waste.

How do we do this?

  • By information sharing and partnerships
  • By duty of care audits
  • By identification of waste minimisation opportunities
environmental resource forum

What are the benefits of being a Environmental Resource Forum member?

  • Broad and diverse membership gives a holistic picture of South Cumbria and allows greater consideration of its waste issues and solutions.
  • Membership allows optimised approach and support on what services, facilities and support are available.
  • Links with Councils to give members direct access to local government.
  • Group forums are ideal networking opportunities.
  • Access to advice and updates on new legislation by regulators.
  • Shared Duty of Care audits on waste management companies.
  • Shared training opportunities.
  • Opportunities to become involved in local activities and projects.
  • Visible Corporate Social Responsibility Projects such as World Environment Day Schools competition and South Lakes Wild Animal Park-Niger Project.
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